Trianon Power, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, was established by Bruce I. Drucker and William H. Golove, each having over 30 years of experience in the private power industry, to develop and finance independent power projects. The intent of Trianon Power is to evolve into a full-scale “portfolio” project development company arm of an energy fund or a corporate investor.

Goals of Trianon Power: In order to generate revenue in the near term to fund its overhead and project development costs and build value for its shareholders over the medium to long term, Trianon Power is pursuing a multi-faceted strategy. Trianon Power is focused on (i) the acquisition of project opportunities in both the U.S. and internationally with a focus on renewable generation technologies, including energy storage, (ii) contracting with project developers and/or investors to provide fee-based project development services and (iii) providing origination and due diligence services to investors seeking to acquire projects. Ultimately, Trianon Power intends to establish an exclusive relationship with an entity wishing to add Trianon Power as a portfolio development company.